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Arduino Basics


Duration: 10 weeks, 1.5 hours per week

This class uses the open-source Arduino single-board computing system to create an engaging introduction to computing. In each session, students will create circuits and programs that allow their Arduino computer to interact with the physical world. Computer concepts and circuits are presented in directed exercises that focus on making the technical challenges fun and accessible for younger students new to computing, while also providing a strong foundation for understanding physical computing designs.

Students will complete the class with a foundation in common electronic circuits used in physical computing, an Arduino single-board computer set up with a breadboard and components for a wide variety of potential projects, and the knowledge of how to use the Arduino IDE to write and upload C++ programs to the Arduino.

This course includes a fee for the Arduino computing system, and the external circuitry, sensors and actuators used in the projects. Students will keep these systems when they have completed the course.

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Arduino Basics