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Stock Trading and Analysis Using Python

CSR-PyStk (15 classes total, 1.5 hours per class)

In this half-year elective course, students will extend their knowledge of Python to study, trade, and analyze a real portfolio of stocks on a popular free trading platform*. As part of this course, students will be introduced to popular Python data science libraries, fundamental statistics and presentation, and the basics of equity trading.

Students are required to have completed CSR-340 (or equivalent) before enrolling in this class. If your student did not take CSR-340, please contact us to schedule a free placement evaluation before registering.

*a modest amount of seed funding is provided by CS Recitations in a CS Recitations held account – students do not personally invest any funds and nothing in this course should be considered financial trading or investment advice. Any profits are distributed as prizes at the end of the course.

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Stock Trading and Analysis Using Python